Top 5 Ways to Display Testimonials on Websites

A satisfied customer’s testimonial can reinforce trust and experience in a business’s service.  When these testimonials are displayed on the website, it’s important they not obstructive but are well integrated into the complete web design.  There are five great trends for arranging customer quotes effectively.

Speech Bubbles–Useful to present testimonials in a friendly and informal manner, they visually set apart text or images from the rest of the page contents.

Quotation Marks–Having a slightly more formal feeling than speech bubbles, quotation marks work well for corporate websites with traditional fonts.  But when coupled with lighthearted fonts, testimonials can seem informal and fun.

Images/Icons/Graphics–Styled much like social networking posts, quotes are set next to the image of the person, a company logo, or an icon.  These graphic elements help to separate the testimonial from surrounding text.

Minimalist– If your web design is minimalist, these types of quotes work best.  They are subtle, but still independent from the main body of content, often just by using a smaller font and italics.

Video– Still relatively new, video testimonials can be the most persuasive.  People believe what they can see and hear with their own eyes, and a video testimonial can go a long way to gain a potential customer’s trust.

For even more testimonial tips for your web design, click the link below.

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